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A.M. Starluck Merchandising Company Inc. was established in 1972 in the year 2000 it was converted to a corporation. Now on its 45th year, A.M. Starluck Merchandising Company Inc. is proud to announce that our product brand "MITSUBOSHI" is the no. 1 preferred brand in the Philippines with emphasis on excellent quality and outstanding service to our customer. We hace most extensive complete line of belt in the Philippines. We also have sales network all over the province of the Philippines.

A.M. Starluck Merchandising Company Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Mitsuboshi Brand product such as: Fan belts, V-belts, Timing belts, Variable speed belts and special belts for Industrial, Agriciltural automotive use, produced by Mitsubishi Belting LTD. Kobe Japan (World Leading Transmission Belt Manufacturer) and also of Mitsuboshi Belting Philippines, located in Valenzuela which is a joint venture project of "Mitsuboshi Belting LTD, Kobe Japan" with our company owners.

We hope that one day your company will be included in our long list of long-standing satisfied customers.
Timing belts in Manila
Industrial Belts in Manila

Types, Constructions, Performances and Applications of Automotive Belts

Automotive Belt in Manila
Direct exposure of special rubber to the pulley provides high friction force resulting to increased power transmission.

Size Designation of Belt / Belt Cross Section

How to Inspect an Automotive Belt / Replacement and Adjustment of Pulley

Automotive Belt in Manila
An Automotive Belt is the Vital to the Operation of an Engine

If an automotive belt breaks or is not fully fully functional due to a loose tensioning, it may cause overheating the engine, poor generation of electricity, a dead battery etc...

Types of Automotive Belts & Size Designation

Automotive Belt in Manila, Mitsuboshi Belting in Manila
Raw Edge Plain Belt
Direct exposure of special rubber to the pulley provides high friction force resulting in increased power transmission.

Type / Characteristics / Performance

The Signs for Replacement

Compact, Lightweight and High-Performance

Suitable and Non-Recommendable Applications for Mitsuboshi Polymax Transmission

Mitsuboshi Belting in Manila
Suitable Application

The Mitsuboshi Polymax achieves maximum performance when in the following equipment:

  • Machines that operate continuously at high speed with small torque variation.
  • Equipment that requires resistance to ozone, sunlight, and other weather conditions.
  • Equipment where the smallest-posibble pulley diameter is desired.
  • Equipment  that operates at or near the rated speed without belt vibration.
  • Equipment utilizing belts that are difficult to maintain and inspect.

Cross Section of Mitsuboshi Polymax

Mitsuboshi Belting in Manila
Polyurethane elastomer

Excellent flexibility, ensures uniform tension member [cord] alignment
Tension member [cord]
Specially treated polyester cord

Resists stretching and bending fatigue
Compression Rubber

Polyurethane elestomer

A large coefficient of friction provides high transimission efficiency. Large compression modulus resists the heavy load. And excellent wear resistance limits stretching.

Mitsuboshi Polymax Types and Standard Belt Dimensions

Motorcycle Sprocket K.O.K

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